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Scooterino: The Best Way To Beat The Traffic In Rome


Rome may be infamous for its woeful traffic situation but Italians are well versed in l’arte d’arrangiarsi.

When you live in Italy, you learn to be savvy. Things tend to function a little bit differently here and ordinary tasks, like mailing an envelope, paying a bill or even getting from point A to point B, can be surprisingly difficult to accomplish so everyone must quickly learn to “arrangiarsi”, or arrange oneself. When faced with an impasse, there is always a way around – or through – one that saves you time and energy. You just have to be a little creative.

The Eternal City suffers from poor public transportation, inadequate parking and an expansive city layout so it’s not surprise the best way to get around the city is on two wheels rather than four. Imagine yourself zipping through Rome and enjoying views of its beautiful sites while being escorted to your destination by a trusted driver – all the while avoiding the problems of Rome’s bumper-to-bumper traffic.

Enter: Scooterino.

Scooterino, a ride sharing platform that connects drivers with passengers, is the ultimate secret to surviving in Rome. This start-up is the brain-child of Oliver Page and Francesco Rellini, two entrepreneurs with a passion to help circumvent Rome’s ubiquitous traffic in a safe, fun and resourceful way. Comparable to Bla Bla Car,  users sign up through an app and make a ride request; then, a driver can accept the request and the passenger makes the final confirmation. The two meet at chosen time and place and begin the ride. Scooterino is also a fraction of the price of a taxi so as long as you’re willing to live with a little helmet head, it’s well worth the cost. A ride from the Colosseum to the Vatican costs only €5.

Use the code liviahen for €3 off your next ride!

The Scooterino app (available in the App Store and Google Play) lets you book rides in two ways: on demand or in advance. The app works with Paypal so it only takes a few clicks to pay your driver and leave feedback on your ride, making the whole process simple, straightforward and safe; the app is also constantly being updated with new functions and improvements. I’ve been a loyal fan since going on my first ride in 2016 and have recommended it to everyone I know. I’ve even made friends through the app: I’m always happy to see a familiar face accept my ride request and I feel like I’m seeing an old friend catch up about new projects and upcoming travel plans.

Today, the Scooterino community is thriving and has expanded from Rome into other major Italian cities, including Florence, Genova, Milan and Palermo. I highly encourage both visitors and locals to download the app and enjoy Rome from the back of a scooter!

Livia Hengel is an Italian-American writer, photographer & digital strategist based in Rome. She helps small-businesses and beautiful brands share their stories online through social media, digital storytelling, content creation and more. If you’re interested in working with her, you can reach her at: liviahengel@gmail.com.

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