Naples: A Photo Gallery

Naples is one of the most scintillating cities in all of Europe but also one of its most overlooked and misunderstood: decades of crime, corruption and chaos have overshadowed its ineffable grandeur which lays dormant in crumbling palaces, esoteric traditions, and ancient streets. A layer of grime seems to coat every inch of the city and yet the spirit of Naples transcends its physical decay and buzzes with beauty and aliveness.

It is an enduring and resilient place that is in constant motion and seems to reinvent itself with each turn; vespas zip in between pedestrians down crooked little alleys, ubiquitous laundry flaps gently in the breeze, women croon to melodramatic melodies on the radio while they sweep their houses each morning and friends gather at the waterfront each evening as night falls over Vesuvius. The city’s effervescence, warmth and joie de vivre deeply stir my soul and I hope I manage to inspire you too with some shots of this enchanting place.