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For the past eight years, Livia has traveled throughout Italy in search of the country’s most compelling, inspiring and rewarding experiences.

With an eye for beauty and a passion for authenticity, she seeks to offer a fresh perspective of the Bel Paese – one that goes beyond the stereotypes and main attractions and provides insight into the cultural nuances of Italy and its people. This website aims to share stories collected over hundreds of travels and help readers experience the best side of Italy, from its celebrated restaurants and most coveted hotels to fascinating sights and cities that you shouldn’t miss during your time in the country.

Livia was born in Rome to a diplomatic family and grew up moving around the world, fueling her curiosity and igniting her passion for travel. She has traveled to over 30 countries and lived in Washington DC, Peru, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Turkey before returning to the Italy in 2010. Her writing and photography have been published in a number of print and digital publications, including The Independent, Telegraph Travel, Fodor’s, Time Out and USA Today, and she is the author of The HUNT Rome travel guide (Gatehouse, 2016). Livia was recently featured in Forbes about her favorite secret places in Italy.

In addition to her editorial writing, Livia is a content creator, digital strategist and social media manager for a number of luxury clients and lifestyle brands. Livia is a graduate of the University of Virginia with a BA in Foreign Affairs & Philosophy.

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